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Welcome 2015!!!!!!

So many things to talk about…so little time.  I really need to blog more often, so many things have happened not only professionally, but in my personal life as well.   When your kids grow up and leave the nest….no one tells you how much it changes the dynamics of your family.   Its not a bad change, just…different.

So a few studio related changes for the year.  At the moment prices will stay the same for 2015…. except for the set of proofs.  But that is just a small change.

And whats exciting….is the new Milestone Session program.  Many many many years ago when I started the baby program (heck I was still across the street….I think all of my first baby plan babys are turning 5 or 6 this year),  it was great….until it just wasn’t working anymore.  So many want different things out of their portrait sessions, so I’ve decided to change it up.  I stopped the baby program last year, and have waited for them to all cycle out before starting something new.

So…Milestones.  Its a build your own package session, your not locked into any year long programs, you don’t have a large session fee or deposit, and there are perks for those of you that do come back with your munchkins.  I love watching these babies grow up behind my lens, so many smiles, frowns, tears, and you can’t forget about CAKE.  So I hope that many of you will choose CLG Photography as your studio to help create your life story.

We have two packages to choose from, and if neither works you are always welcome to schedule a regular session with me as well.  These smaller milestones are meant for one child only (for those that want a sibling shot, I’m still working out that detail in my pricing), and include your choice of prints in your package, depending on which you choose.  This way it leaves the control up to you on what works best for your family.

Milestone packages are starting at $65.00 and that includes the session fee and prints.

I hear so often that so many want digital copies, and I know many photographers have gone that route.  I’m still not convinced, and I”ll tell you why.  How many times when you have a family gathering, when you are either celebrating a life, or a death, or just what happens in between, but think of how often albums are pulled out.  It makes you smile, you can all gather around it and enjoy reminiscing with each other, making fun of your mom’s hair or your dads legs.  You can’t do that with…a disc.  Your not going to get the same feeling crowding around an iPad or a computer.  And think of how much electronics have changed in the last 10 years alone, no more floppy discs, now it is the cloud.  The CLOUD.  Its just floating around in space somewhere, depending on someone else to keep the lights on.  When you have prints, on the wall or in a book, it can’t be deleted by accident, it can’t have its software out of date.  You have something you can see in your hands, not be dependent on technology.  I get why you want to have all of them, and keep them….but you have to print them, and after talking to many of my brides from the past so many still haven’t printed their wedding photo’s.   I think for my mini sessions that I offer once or twice a year, those will still be digital.  But for my milestone they will come with print packages, so you have something to put on your walls and in your photo albums.

I’m working on a few mini sessions….I seem to do one a year and I think I’m going to cave and do a Frozen inspired theme, as well as throw in some superhero’s for the boys.  I was thinking of doing those this spring….but now i”m debating waiting until summer since our Fall fest theme was announced (and guess who picked THAT out lol).  BUT I had another fun session planned for fall that I”m still working out details on for a special location, so we will see.

I plan on actually for REAL blogging more sessions this year.  And keeping a little more up to date (a.k.a. rambling) on whats going on in the studio.  And I”m very excited at what 2015 has in store for ALL of us.

So I’ll talk with you all soon….so don’t forget to check back and see whats new!!!!!

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